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Maynooth is a high-end design furniture brand which needs an e-commerce website and app for customers to browse and shop online easily.

Project goal

Target user

Maynooth Furniture is a new business selling affordable high-end designer furniture made in Ireland. They have to build an e-commerce website for people to browse & purchase furniture for home delivery.

It mainly targets middle-class professionals and families who are interested in raising their quality of living.


My role

UX designer designing from conception to delivery.


Adobe XD


Spring 2021

Understanding The User

Design Process

A quick purchasing process and a method of collecting ideas for the shoppers will be crucial to delivering a good online shopping experience for users. When I read my competitive audit report of furniture online shops in the market, I found that many online shops don't offer diverse interior ideas for users to gather inspiration.

Therefore, my goal is to create an e-commerce website that makes it easier for customers to shop by gathering interior ideas.


During the design process, the most challenging part was how to help users gather their ideas easily. At first, the inspiration section was located under "New in Store", and the Wishlist was designed in the top navigation. Some users reviewed that they missed the ideas page because of that.


After many fails, I eventually designed the "My Wishlist" button on the top and the "Inspiration Ideas" following the hero image and also created a magazine-like layout to display products.

Maynooth challenges.jpg

Refining The Design

I used graceful degradation to design the website and dedicated app. I made some changes in the designs based on the usability study and I found some inconsistencies in the app layout.

Maynooth Refining 1.jpg
Maynooth Refining 2.jpg

Website Mockups

Maynooth_website mockups.jpg

Dedicated App Mockups


High-Fidelity Prototype

The final high-fidelity prototype presented user flows for saving ideas and products, selecting items and the purchase process. I also created a miro-interaction navigation for the app to make it more enjoyable.

Maynooth miro interaction.gif



Users shared that they enjoyed browsing the website. They mentioned that it was a clean, simple and elegant design that provided them with a comfortable furniture shopping platform.

What I learned

I learned the importance of consistency across different devices. Some users found the app not convenient to use at first because they had to get used to the same layout but with different functions which made them feel like it was a hassle to use. So keeping all versions consistent on various devices would be a key to giving users a good experience.


Next Steps

There are many parts that can be optimized. The inspiration ideas page and wishlist page can be more categorized or we can offer users a way to customize their wishlist by giving them a space to gather or save ideas. As a bonus, this could increase the chances for users to return to the platform not only to shop but to also gather ideas.

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