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Who am I ? 

Hi Again :) I'm a creative problem solver and Google certified UX/UI designer working for a tech company. I'm an easygoing person who simply loves dogs, art and design. 


Generally, here is part of my design process...

My design process
Design Paper

What can I provide?

I can provide a user-centered design and interactive user experience that can help you balance user needs with business goals.

Regarding design styles, I like to create vibrant and playful designs with solid character. I can also do modern, sophisticated, and minimal designs according to your wishes and requirements.

A good design is not just about looking nice, it's about providing the best user experience - That’s what I do.

I enjoy creating a useful and delightful user experience, especially working on micro-interactions. Here is my name card with an interesting 3D design. Drag to play!

Drag to play !

Logo sketch_2.jpg
Logo sketch_3.jpg
Logo sketch_1.jpg

About my logo

Why "WY"?

"WY" is not only the abbreviation of my name Wancy, but also an abbreviation of my Chinese name "Wan Ying", so I used these two initials as my logo.

Yes, my logo looks the same when it’s upside down!

During my creative process, I imagined it printed on my name cards, so when the card is handed to someone else, I could make sure it will always be facing the correct direction. After many attempts, my logo was finally born.

Let's Get in Touch

Are you looking for someone to help with UX design or illustrations? Please feel free to contact me if you're interested.

Thanks for submitting!

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