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Wancy Wong

UX/UI Designer

What I have done...


Worked on in-house digital product and app design.

Worked on building a design system with reusable components and icons to enhance usability and scalability.


Created engaging animations to visually demonstrate the product's key features.


01. VTech

Designing diverse variations for apps and units, aligning with business goals and delivering to users in the US, UK, and Europe.

Slide 16_9 - 9 (1).png

02. Deck & Chair

Discovering ways to find a workspace through an app for social good.

mockup dc_5.jpg

03. Kidtubers

Optimized the content hierarchy and redesigned a brand-aligned tone and voice for the client's learning center website.

Kidtubers devices 2.jpg

04. itutor

Designed a better way to help online learners quickly find the best-matched tutors within the online learning platform.

itutor cover_2.jpg

05. Receiptless

Designed an app to reduce time and effort for receipt management.

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